Friday, 28 March 2014

Super Trampoline

​ On my trampoline I can do a forward flip and a backflip on my tramp. My super tramp can slip around and turn different colours but if you want it it is only $100 each. You can even jump over your whole house.  You can jump over your cousin, brother, your sister and mum and dad.  You can even chuck on pizza and it will clean up itself.  It can go on fire but you got to say the magic word chocolate. Ring up Karome now call 029460776. 


  1. Jack Auroa New Zealand

    Hi Karome I would love to buy a super trampoline it would be so cool.

  2. Karome I enjoyed reading about your Super Trampoline. You have some great ideas so keep persevering to write your ideas down and produce your stories.