Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lighthouse by Karome

The old man looks grumpy and he doesn't have any hair his hair looks like a board egg. The lighthouse is as big as a tower. The old man shut the window because it was too noisy because the people were having a party. The old man looked like he was angry at the people. The old man had a hat on his head, the hat looked dirty. The people liked the light when it went passed them. The boat looked like it was going to crash into the town. The lighthouse had heaps of windows and stairs. The old man tripped over twice because he couldn’t see. I thought that he got hurt. The old man was sending notes to the town to be quiet. The light house light looked dark. The boat sounded like it was in a very windy storm. The people from the town wanted to help the boat and the lighthouse. They brought their lanterns to the lighthouse to show the boat where to go.

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